Enhancing the competence of municipalities in providing services to third-country nationals


No. PMIF-2.2.1-V-01-001

AMIF 2014-2020 and financial sources of the budget of the Republic of Lithuania

Jun 1, 2020 – Sep 30, 2022


The aim of the project – to strengthen the provision of integration services to third-country nationals in the municipalities of Vilnius City, Kaunas City, Klaipėda City, Siauliai City, Jonava and Akmene districts.

Project Coordinator

The Department of Supervision of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Project partners

Diversity Development Group

Vilnius city municipality

Kaunas city municipality

Klaipeda city municipality

Siauliai city municipality

Akmene district municipality

Jonava district municipality

Contact person

Lina Kisevičienė
Administrator of the project