Solidarity in a Future Europe


Solidarity in Future Europe

No. 615245-CITIZ-1-2019-1-

May 10, 2020 – Aug 31, 2022

Europe for Citizens


International project Solidarity in a Future Europe is connecting citizens from across Europe in a series of conferences. These conferences are designed to bring an understanding of the daily lives of migrants and refugees, to improve the services provided to them and to understand the circumstances that brought them to the European Union.

The significance of each conference is the opportunity to connect the general public and local citizens with experts in the field and volunteers from refugee service organizations. The dialogue between these groups will aim to enhance and promote the intercultural conversation with direct paths for engaging in policy advocacy and volunteering.

Project Coordinator

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům OPU (Czech Republic)

Project partners

Centrum Pomocy Prawnej Im.Haliny Nieć (Poland)

Inter Alia (Greece)

Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

SOS Racismo Arrazakeria (Spain)

Asylkoordination österreich (Austria)

Slovenska Filantropija (Slovenia)

Contact person

Luka Marcinkutė
Project manager