Children First


Children First DDG

No. 856844 — Children
First —REC-AG-2018/REC-

Sept 1, 2019 – Aug 30, 2021

 Rights, Equality and
Citizenship Programme


The overall objective of the project is to tackle gender-based violence in teen relationships by combating stereotypes & norms fueling dating violence. Specific objectives include building the necessary capacities of teachers & educators and introducing a relevant educational game to children, having thus the formal education system at the main field of intervention.

– Evidence on the views of children and youth on gender based violence occurring in teen relationships & on existing strategies & policies related to school gender based violence & abuse;
– Development of an accredited training programme for educators & teachers and pilot implementation;
– Development & delivery of an online educational game for children;
– Networking, dissemination & promotional activities.

Project Coordinator

The IARS International Institute (United Kingdom)

Project partners

Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

Symplexis (Greece)

Center for Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus)

CESIE (Italy)

Harokopio University (Greece)

Contact person

Lina Kisevičienė
Project manager