Localizing the global | Empowering students to challenge local climate injustices


2021 – 2022

Open Society Institute Sofia


The aim of the project is to encourage school pupils develop critical thinking through the analysis of climate change (in)justices.

It is expected that the project will help to:

  1. implement participatory discussions that involve school pupils (aged 15-17 years old) from high schools located in smaller Lithuanian cities and theme on sustainable development and justice
  2. create conditions for pupils to activate new knowledge – by indicating and solving local climate injustices and modeling journalistic publications (such as podcasts and articles) – and through these means personalize seemingly distant discussions on climate justice (be they local or far-reaching)
  3. to encourage local communities to speak out and participate in a dialogue

Project coordinator

Diversity Development Group

Project partner


Contact person

Luka Marcinkutė

Project manager



* Supported by a grant from Open Society Institute – Sofia Foundation (OSIS) with the support of Open Society Foundations (OSFs) and in cooperation with the Open Society European Network (OSEN). Responsibility for the contents and views expressed in the project therein lies entirely with Diversity Development Group and NARA and in no way can be construed as reflecting the official position of OSIS, OSFs or any affiliated entities.