IDEM | Achieving Greater Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in SMEs Management


No. 963327-REC-AG-2020

Nov 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2022

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme

Project Coordinator

FEDEPE (Spain)

Project partner

Diversity Development Group


IDEM project aims to assess diversity management among European SME’s and support the implementation of D&I practices. With the IDEM project, companies will:

  • test D&I within the company, know how successfully it works and compare results with those of other companies;
  • get tailored and individualized workshop on D&I to understand the specific actions the company needs to address the issues identified;
  • be better informed and equipped to refresh internal policies, procedures and practices targeting equal opportunities for everyone and fostering inclusion;
  • see the biggest diversity-related challenges and opportunities within the company.

Contact person

Rugilė Trumpytė