IDEM | Achieving Greater Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in SMEs Management


No. 963327-REC-AG-2020

Rights, Equality and
Citizenship Programme

Nov 1, 2020 – Oct 31, 2022


IDEM project aims to assess diversity management among European SME’s and support the implementation of D&I practices. With the IDEM project, companies will:

  • test D&I within the company, know how successfully it works and compare results with those of other companies;
  • get tailored and individualized workshop on D&I to understand the specific actions the company needs to address the issues identified;
  • be better informed and equipped to refresh internal policies, procedures and practices targeting equal opportunities for everyone and fostering inclusion;
  • see the biggest diversity-related challenges and opportunities within the company.

Project Coordinator

FEDEPE (Spain)

Project partner

Diversity Development Group

Contact person

Luka Marcinkute
Project manager