The 3rd annual PCD policy paper released


InterCap project has released its 3rd and final Annual PC(S)D Policy paper. The paper outlines the overall action of the partner countries on PCD while at the same time focuses on the challenges faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As described in the paper, the Covid-19 pandemic presented by far the largest challenge to all of the partner organisations in 2020. During the second year, most partners either established fully functional national PC(S)D platforms or joined already existing networks, and in both cases had ambitious plans for the last year of the project.

Due to the lockdowns and other limitations relating to the health crises, most face-to-face meetings, trainings or large events had to be cancelled and rescheduled in an adjusted format using online tools. This allowed for the continuation of activities related to furthering the PC(S)D agenda, but often met a second barrier, the decrease of interest in coherent policies on the side of decision-makers due to the new focus. It is possible to state that the road to strengthening the relevance of PC(S)D in the eyes of decision-makers has gained new turns and side-tracks. On the other hand, the crises could be used as an opportunity to rebuild national system in a way that would promote PC(S)D. Project partners believe that the PC(S)D networks, established through InterCap, as well as the already existing platforms, offer an opportunity to influence a strengthened national setup.

Read the complete version of the 3rd annual project InterCap PCD policy paper: here