Young consultants against GBV


Are you between 12 and 18?
Are you tired of gender stereotypes at school and among your peers?
Do you want to act for ending gender-based violence from teenage?

Children First is a unique project aimed at preventing and combatting dating violence, aka the specific type of gender-based violence (GBV) occurring among adolescents and in teen relationships.

It represents a shared effort to educate school children (aged 12 – 18) to prevent and address dating violence from an early age by undermining gender stereotypes, norms and roles that are the main causes of gender – based violence among children and teenagers.

We are looking for you!

We want to launch a huge European awareness-raising campaign created BY young people FOR young people. Through our workshops, you will be able to create a whole social media campaign, learning how to strategically use social media in order to raise your voice and make people change mind. In other words, we will give you all the tools and tips for spamming your followers and friends on social media with contents aimed at making them think, understand and change the world!

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