Towards a professional path I Integration of immigrants into the labor market


No S-2022-00193 / 2022-11-14 

NOV 15 2022 – SEP 30 2023



Project’s aim: Integration of immigrants into the labor market in Lithuania.

Target group: Unemployed immigrants who have legal status to live in Lithuania.

The project offers:
– personalised assistance to immigrants who are higher-skilled work candidates
– Lithuanian and English language learning opportunities to pass language exams
– lectures on work culture, labor law, social guarantees and pension system, professional qualification recognition and job search processes in Lithuania
– group motivational meetings with a psychologist

Additional activities in which project participants have possibility to get involved: Voluntary activities, participation in the Lithuanian speaking club on weekends, expanding their circle of communication.

Expected results: 50 immigrants have been included in the project, more than half of whom get a job, start an individual activity or do fellowships in companies and organisations. Project participants are actively involved in voluntary activities, participate in the activities of the Lithuanian language club on weekends, and have the opportunity to expand their circle of communication.

Project coordinator

Diversity Development Group

Contact person

Lina Blažytė

Project manager