Snapshots from the borders


No. SNAPSHOTS/388115/2019/12

EuropeAid DEAR

Sept 1, 2019 – Oct 31, 2019


By adopting the No more bricks in the wall campaign to Lithuanian national context, project aim – to raise awareness about migration, issues faced by migrants and refugees in Lithuania and Europe more broadly, as well as to advocate for the idea of integration as a two-way process.

The campaign aims will be achieved by implementing:

1) solidarity-building events targeted at national stakeholders;
2) a series of podcasts on migration, including an open discussion with migrants and residents of the capital city, later to be disseminated on well-known podcast platform as well as the project documentary screenings;
3) the publicity campaign aimed to challenge public misconceptions about migration and promote the capital events.

Project Coordinator

Amref Health Africa Onlus

Project partners

Diversity Development Group

Dokumedija (Nanook)

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Contact person

Lina Kisevičienė
Project manager