PRAB | Protecting Rights at Borders


NO. Gr00004088 

AUG 1, 2022 08 01 – JUL 31, 2024

The Network of European Foundations, fiscal sponsor of EPIM


The proposed PRAB Initiative project will seek to achieve:  

  • access to justice and legal remedies for persons experiencing pushbacks  
  • improved accountability at national and EU internal and external borders. 

PRAB work is compound out of 3 components: documenting and collecting testimonies of these well-established and systematic rights violations; triggering and supporting legal action, when relevant and feasible; highlighting accountability issues, as well as the need for Independent Border Monitoring mechanisms. 

Project coordinator

Danish Refugee Council Italia ONLUS (Denmark)  

Project partners

CSD Diaconia Valdese, Servizi d’Inclusione (Italy),  

DRC BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina),  

DRC Brussels (Belgium),  

DRC Greece (Greece),  

Greek Council for Refugees (Greece),  

Humanitarian Center for Integration andTolerance (HCIT) (Serbia),  

Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary),  

Macedonian Young Lawyers Association(MYLA) (Macedonia),  

Association for Legal Studies onImmigration (ASGI) (Italy),  

Diversity Development Group (Lithuania),  

Asociacija Human Constanta International (Lithuania),  

Association for legal Intervention (Poland),  

Border Group (Lithuania) 

Contact person

Luka Marcinkute

Project manager