Energising mobile citizens’ participation


No. JUST/2014/RCIT/AG/CITI/7284

Nov 1, 2015 – oct 31, 2016

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme


Objectives of the project: to assess the extent of and limits of participation of mobile EU citizens in Ireland, with particular focus on EU-13 citizens, and to analyse how the efforts to stimulate mobile citizens’ participation can be improved; to develop more effective ways of stimulating participation among EU citizens in Ireland and to pilot these new approaches at local level with representatives of Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish citizens; to develop recommendations for improving participation of mobile EU citizens in host countries and to present these recommendations to stakeholders and EU policy makers. Activities: analyse current practices in promoting participation in political life (e.g. local elections) among EU-13 citizens living in Ireland, and identify barriers and opportunities; promote participation by directly addressing Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish communities in Ireland (training for community leaders, pilot shadowing programme, brochure, interactive online test); develop and present a policy brief with recommendations on how to improve participation of EU-13 citizens in EU-15 countries to EU policy makers.

Project coordinator

Providus (Latvia)

Project partners

Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)

Diveristy Development Group (Lithuania)

European Latvian Association (Latvia)

Forum Polonia (Poland)

Contact person

Karolis Žibas
Project manager