Localizing SDGs through Capacity Building


No. 2018_49

Jun 17, 2017 – Oct 31, 2018

The DEAR-funded project CSO-LA/2017/388-064 led
by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Project Coordinator

Diversity Development Group


The underlying aim of the LoCab project is to raise awareness on links between inequalities with cross-cutting approach on international migration and encourage local actors to localize SDGs.

Main objectives of the LoCab project are the following:

  •  To raise awareness of local actors on links between international migration on one, hand and sustainable development (goals) on the other hand;
  • Gather good practices at local level;
  • Identify needs and carry out needs assessment;
  • Develop policy tools for SGDs localization;
  • Build a national coalition through capacity building.

The main course of action for awareness raising and building the capacity of local actors consisted of:

  • 4 workshops in municipalities of largest Lithuanian cities (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys) with the focus on inequalities and cross-cutting topic of international migration.

Exchange with policy makers (national level policy makers, municipalities and ministries responsible for SDGs) was initiated, where policy guidelines indicating ways in which SDGs could be localized through different policy making areas including, but not limited, to equal opportunities and migration policies, were presented and discussed.

Contact person

Vija Plataciute
Coordinator of the LoCaB Project