No. 2017-1-HU01-KA202-035927

Erasmus+ KA2

Nov 1, 2017 – Oct 31, 2019


GVETS is an Erasmus+ project that aims to develop an interdisciplinary capacity building program through gamification for professionals working with children in migration environments in order to improve their capacity and strengthen their role for the protection of children.

Children with migrant backgrounds are at risk of violence along their migration route, and due to difficulties of identification and registration, their child protection needs are not always identified or met. Due to the recognition of a gap in the existing Vocational Education and Training system in the European Union, the GVETS consortium set the goal to create an online interactive training tool focusing on skills development for professionals working with children in migration environments. The consortium aims to promote a tangible solution of interdisciplinary professional development within a European common/integrated approach. The consortium’s ambition is to compile the knowledge, experience and expertise of all seven partner organizations in the project, focusing on the integration of gamification elements in content related to migration, children and intercultural education. The main aim is to provide training opportunities through the use of technology tools.

The project takes upon the goal to design and implement effective strategies for enhancing basic skills for professionals and increasing incentives for adult training by providing an engaging learning environment.

Project Coordinator

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants (Hungary)

Project Partners

Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

AIDGLOBAL (Portugal)


Oxfam Italia (Italy)

Iasis NGO (Greece)

Center for Social Innovation Ltd. (Cyprus)

More information

Contact person

Jurga Mataitytė-Diržienė
Project coordinator