Debating New Phenomena of Refugee Migration in the Central Europe


No. 2016-1910/001-001

Sep 1, 2016 – Aug 31, 2017

Europe for Citizens programmes (2016-2017)


The aim of the project is to bring together at 6 conferences in 6 states NGOs, experts and citizens from Eastern and Central European Member States, discuss 6 main new phenomena concerning refugees arising in the 7 participating countries in last years, explain current EU policies in asylum and migration, discuss Future Europe in general and with focus on selected themes, and share with wide audience the lessons learned from the migration “crisis” in Europe and in the partner countries. As a result, publication and dissemination of the lessons learned and recruitment European Citizens as new volunteers and new supporters for refugees will happen in 7 EU countries.  Volunteers, academicians, experts and relevant stakeholders will be invited to the conferences with a goal to include their view in the compilation of lessons learned and recommendations for future actions.

Project Coordinator

Organisation for aid to refugees (OPU) (Czech Republic)

Project Coordinator

Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)

Centrum Pomocy Prawnej Im. Haliny Niec (Poland)

Liga Za Ludske Prava (Slovakia)

Slovenska Filantropija-zdruzenje Za Promocijo Prostovoljstva Drustvo (Slovenia)

Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány (Hungary)

Udruge Centar Za Mirovne Studije (Croatia)

Contact person

Karolis Žibas
Project manager