Report brings new data on the systematic pushback practices that continue at multiple EU borders since January 2023.  

In the first quarter of 2023, 10.691 individual cases of people experiencing pushbacks at European borders have been documented by the PRAB initiative and/or Governments’ procedures.  

No nationality is immune against the rights violations occurring at European borders.   

Main nationalities met along the internal and external borders are once again Afghans, Syrian and Pakistanis. However, people are also being pushed back from Turkey, Sudan, Palestine, Sierra Leon, but also Russia and Ukraine.

Walls, fences and high tech at Europe’s border, the new normal aiming to prevent people from arriving and possibly even hurting them on route. 

More than 1700 km of walls, fences and the use of high tech to prevent people from crossing borders will not stop people’s attempts to reach safety, nor has it ended police brutality recorded at borders. 

The rights of those seeking safety continue to be violated, while those helping suffer criminalisation. 

Pushbacks and police brutality remain as a de facto border management tool, with impunity being the norm while little to no pathways to justice for the victims exist. Some European Member States have started or continue to criminalize those providing assistance, aiming to end solidarity with people on the move at all costs. 

Full report and a policy note can be accessed here

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The Protecting Rights at Borders (PRAB) initiative is formed by protection and legal aid organisations focusing on human rights compliance at the EU’s external and internal borders. The PRAB partners have solid field presence in the countries of operation enabling direct access to victims of pushbacks, as well as longstanding experience in strategic litigation. More information and previous reports are available at: https://pro.drc.ngo/resources/news/protecting-rights-at-borders-prab/