The 3rd annual transnational strategy paper on mentor partnership


During the life span of the Diversity Development Group coordinated international project InterCap, its partners and mentor partners held regular online meetings in order to provide insights, opinions, and feedback on the project development process and the outputs produced.

In line with the 3rd year of the Mentor Partnership activities, mentor partners were invited to implement a chosen part of the InterCap Training Package in order to involve their training institutions and to receive feedback on the material produced.

At the end of this process, the mentor partners filled in the Annex IV. Implementation of InterCap Training Package in Mentors Partners’ institutions, at which they stated the direct feedback and impressions received from the trainers and/ or facilitators coming from the mentor partner institutions. Students of the institutions were also able to contribute in this paper by sharing their views on the material to their trainer/ facilitator.

Mentor partners provided first-hand experience and listed good aspects of the process by giving their feedback and recommendations for how best sustain the use of the InterCap Training Package.

Read the complete 3rd Annual Strategy paper on Mentor Partnership activity: here

Access free and multilingual (translated to a total of 9 languages, including Lithuanian) InterCap Training Package available as an online platform by this link: here