DDG and Anna Lindh Foundation Lithuania network implemented the third "InterCap" national training session


On July 2-3, 2020, Diversity Development Group in cooperation with Anna Lindh Foundation (Lithuania network) implemented the third training session by the international project “InterCap”.

The two-day seminar held by the lecturer Jogaila Vaitekaitis was attended by 19 participants, namely – by the teachers’ trainers and instructors from education institutions and non-governmental organizations membering the Lithuanian network of Anna Lindh Foundation.

While topics of migration, (in)security, sustainable development, and global education were of central importance during discussions and interactive tasks, participants were also introduced to new participatory learning methods, firmly supported by the e-platform launched in the framework of broad-based project aims.

In addition, the trainees were intensely exposed to controversial issues and tried out a number of trendy tools designed to maintain a well-informed, inclusive and respectful exchange of experiences or opinions. It is expected that the training material will be conveniently applied while implementing the following “InterCap” activities, namely the workshops intended to be attended by the pre- and in-service teachers. The workshops, previewed in the autumn agenda, are highly advised to be conducted by the training session participants in order to help them consolidate the newly gained competences as well as to support the sustainability aspect projected by the coordinators of “InterCap”.