2nd Annual Conference of the Lithuanian Diversity Charter | 24 09 2020


On behalf of Lithuanian Diversity Charter team we invite you to our 2nd Annual Conference ‘TAKING BEST OUT OF DIVERSITY’! Save the date, more information coming soon!

1st Annual Conference ‘TAKING BEST OUT OF DIVERSITY’ took place on 19 09 2019 and was designed to share successful approaches and strategies, promote culture of respect and inclusion, sharpen professional networking and create opportunities for the implementation of the best practices to use the full potential of Diversity and Inclusion on organization’s bottom line.

How did it go? Perfect! Take a look at impressions of the participants in a short video

For conclusion quote from Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman, Head of Career Center, Swedbank Lithuania: “It created a community. A community where you’re not alone with your thoughts, the community where you can share experience, where you can learn from each other, inspire each other and also encourage each other”.

Full Programme of the 1st Conference  available here.

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