Strategic Thinking on Identity and Diversity


Identity and Diversity Picture Book Collections (IDPBC), funded by the Erasmus+ Grudving (2015–2017). Project coordinator – ‘Diversity Development Group’. Partner organisations: Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology LTD-CARDET (Cyprus), Universitatea Din Pitesti (Romania), Doukas School (Greece), INNOVADE LTD (Cyprus), Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (Portugal). IDPBC is a transnational effort to compile international picture book collections, approaches and activities that address three issues of great importance to contemporary students and teachers across the globe: Inclusion, Diversity and Identity. Forming one’s identity and finding one’s place in increasingly diverse communities are central preoccupations of children from the very first day they begin to attend school. A strong sense of identity that coexists with a healthy sense of belonging and accepting are even more important for children with disabilities or marginalised, minority and migrant backgrounds. Identifying and valuing one’s self-image is crucial in a student’s academic and social success. In many countries, an increasing number of picture books deal with these issues in innovative and engaging ways, potentially enabling children to explore and negotiate identity, inclusion and diversity in deep and productive manners. These are the picture books the IDPBC consortium aims to collect and place into the hands of teachers and students across Europe and the globe. Evidently, the transnational aspect of the project will substantially enrich the diversity of visual stories, activities and languages to be included, as well as enhance the collective wisdom, capacity and expertise of the consortium. For more information, see