Migrant Political Participation


Energising mobile citizens’ participation, funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, 2014–2020 (2015–2016). Project coordinator: Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS (Latvia). Partner organisations: ‘Diversity Development Group’ (Lithuania), Institute of Public Affairs (Poland), European Latvian Association, Forum Polonia. Objectives of the project: to assess the extent of and limits of participation of mobile EU citizens in Ireland, with particular focus on EU-13 citizens, and to analyse how the efforts to stimulate mobile citizens’ participation can be improved; to develop more effective ways of stimulating participation among EU citizens in Ireland and to pilot these new approaches at local level with representatives of Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish citizens; to develop recommendations for improving participation of mobile EU citizens in host countries and to present these recommendations to stakeholders and EU policy makers. Activities: analyse current practices in promoting participation in political life (e.g. local elections) among EU-13 citizens living in Ireland, and identify barriers and opportunities; promote participation by directly addressing Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish communities in Ireland (training for community leaders, pilot shadowing programme, brochure, interactive online test); develop and present a policy brief with recommendations on how to improve participation of EU-13 citizens in EU-15 countries to EU policy makers.